Food Allergy Management

CASD is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students with severe or life-threatening food allergies and has established a Food Allergy Management policy (#209.1) and procedures to address food allergy management in our schools in order to:

1. Reduce and/or eliminate the likelihood of severe or potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

2. Ensure a rapid and effective response in the case of a severe or potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

3. Protect the rights of students by providing them, through necessary accommodations, when required, the opportunity to participate fully in all school programs and activities, including classroom parties and field trips.

The focus of food allergy management shall be on prevention, education, awareness, communication, and emergency response.

The parent or guardian of any student who has any type of food restriction or limitation should contact the school nurse.

209.1A1 Sept 2018