Reopening Plan

Safeguarding our students and employees from the spread of communicable diseases is our number one priority. We have implemented strict health and safety plans and developed a phased school reopening plan that allows families to choose the learning model that best meets the needs of individual circumstances.

What is CASD Doing to Keep Students and Staff Safe?

Coudersport ASD is taking every possible precaution and continuously adapting to the current health crisis. Please refer to our Reopening Plan to see the practices we currently have in place. We have also provided Reopening Plan Updates, which is a running summary of any changes we make to the Reopening Plan (approved August 2020). These are dynamic documents, and we will update them immediately with changes. 

Reopening Plan

Reopening Plan Updates

In-Person Instruction

We’re so happy to have our students back in the classroom. After all, you’re our reason “why”!

We recognize the seriousness of this pandemic and are committed to maintaining a safe school environment. In addition to routine cleaning practices, we have implemented heightened sanitation and disinfection measures and reduced the number of high-touch surface areas. We are also working to improve ventilation in the school buildings and on the school buses.

Virtual Learning Options

Technology enables us to offer non-traditional learning choices to meet the health and safety needs of our families. Parents/guardians must commit to working with the school and teachers to ensure their children have access to the resources needed to successfully participate in an online learning environment. Learn more about our virtual learning options:

Virtual Learning Options

Return to Play

COVID-19 has ruined a lot of things, but it can’t take our school spirit away! We have developed a plan that keeps our Coudy athletes safe and gets them back in the game.