Board of Education

Students are our first priority, and every decision made by the Coudersport Area School District Board of Education reflects this ideal. Comprised of nine elected and appointed officials, the board is the policy-making body overseeing curriculum, finances, facilities, and employment.

Board members represent three voting regions from within the Coudersport borough:

Region I - Coudersport Ward 1 and Eulalia Township
Region II - Coudersport Ward 2
Region III - Allegany, Hebron, Homer, Summit, and Sweden townships

Board Committees

As established by CASD policy, board members serve on committees where they provide focused oversight of designated CASD responsibilities. View our organizational chart to learn how our board is structured and how we distribute key areas of responsibility.

Chair: Jenn Chambers

Members: Sharon Deutschlander, Kevin Gledhill

Buildings & Grounds
Chair: Carol Empson
Members: Connie Kallerson, Cynthia Taylor

Chair: Micki Brown
Members: Carol Carts, Connie Kallerson

Chair: Kevin Gledhill
Members: Micki Brown, Carol Empson

Chair: Connie Kallerson
Members: Kevin Gledhill, Jenn Chambers

Chair: Sharon Deutschlander
Members: Jenn Chambers, Cynthia Taylor

Chair: Carol Carts
Members: Micki Brown, Cynthia Taylor

IU9 Representative
Russ Streich

PSBA Legislative
Micki Brown

CTC Occupational Advisory
Carol Empson

Meet Our Board Members

Mr. Russ Streich
Appointed/Elected: November 2009

Mrs. Micki Brown
Vice President
Voting Region II
Appointed/Elected: November 2007

Ms. Carol Carts
Voting Region I
Appointed: May 2017

Mrs. Jennifer Chambers
Voting Region III
Appointed/Elected: November 2011

Mrs. Sharon Deutschlander
Voting Region III
Elected: November 2019

Mrs. Carol Empson
Voting Region II
Elected: November 2017

Mr. Kevin Gledhill
Voting Region I
Appointed: June 2019

Mrs. Connie Kallerson
Voting Region I
Appointed: March 2019

Mrs. Jenna Gurney
Voting Region II
Appointed: October 2020